The Brexit debacle and the hospitality industry

The Brexit debacle and the hospitality industry

Whatever your thoughts on Brexit, the one thing that we can all agree on is that it has become one giant mess.

With the country divided and any clarity turning murkier by the minute we began to think about the importance of strong leadership. Hafis Shariff, the MD of H International Consultant Ltd, talks about the importance of strong leadership within the hospitality industry and how hugely important this is, especially in troubled times.

“Brexit is causing uncertainty across all industry sectors, this highlights the need for strong leadership. We rely on staff recruitment from all across the EU and whether you believe we should leave, remain or just get on with it – any direction has to be clear and decisive.”

“Self-awareness and decisiveness must be two of the key attributes to any strong leadership. Definitive direction can only be achieved by listening to those around you, I lead by example and by listening to my colleagues. We work as a team and I make decisions based on the needs of my team, my colleagues, my clients and my candidates. As the Brexit debacle continues it is increasingly apparent that more investment must be made (and is made available) in retaining staff and career progression to ensure our own way out of these murky waters of uncertainty.” 

Hafis’s words ring very true. Caterer’s recent survey highlighted the importance of investing in staff in order to retain them, in what can often feel like a seasonal or transient industry, this is a key message which should be listened to with the uncertainty of Brexit looming.

Neil Pattison, Director from said, “The hospitality employers who show career progression opportunities will find it easier to attract new employees and retain current staff. With hospitality looking to be one of the hardest sectors hit post-Brexit, it’s fascinating to reflect on the clear call from workers for investment in their future. With 65 per cent of respondents saying that they plan to quit their job in the near future and high competition among employers, investing in your staff will help to alleviate the lure of a role from elsewhere.”

We don’t know how this will play out in the short or medium term – but one thing is for sure, everyone is crying out for some direction and certainty. Leadership is key.



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